‘BJP like the Kauravas, fighting only for power’, Rahul Gandhi

Recalling the two warring sides of the epic Mahabharat, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said the Bharatiya Janata Party, like the Kauravas, fought for power, while his party, on the lines of the Pandavas, battled for truth.

Taking the ruling BJP on, Gandhi said the party sought to divert people’s attention from issues such as unemployment and farm distress with “fancy events”.

“Instead of acknowledging the challenges facing the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi diverts our attention from our problems. We are being told that our problems only exist in our imagination,” he said.

The BJP-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s goal was power, Gandhi stressed at the Congress party’s plenary session.

“Like the Kauravas, the BJP and RSS fight for power. Like the Pandavas, the Congress fights for truth,” he said.

Gandhi held that his party spoke on behalf of the country.

“The BJP is the voice of an organisation, Congress is the voice of a nation,” he said.

The Congress leader added that the corrupt and powerful today “control conversation” in the country and the “name Modi symbolises the collusion between crony capitalists and the prime minister”.

Gandhi voiced the hope that India would in the next decade play an all-important role on the global stage.



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