Something fishy about Rafale deal, says Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: The Congress on Thursday intensified the attack on the Centre over the Rafale aircraft deal with both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi questioning why the PM and defence minister were not responding to the Opposition’s questions in the mega-defence deal with the Congress president saying there was “something fishy” about the deal.

Rahul said he had asked the prime minister and defence minister three questions. “These included the aircraft’s cost and handing over the deal to a businessman after snatching it from a public undertaking. However, there was no reply. There can be only one answer and it is that there is something fishy about this,” Gandhi said.

He then tweeted a mocking quiz: “Q. Why did the Raksha Mantri change her stance from: I will reveal the price of the Rafale planes in November 2017 to the price is a state secret in Feb 2018? A. Corruption; B. To protect Modiji; C. To protect Modiji’s friend; D. All of above #TheGreatRafaleMystery.

Earlier, addressing Congress MPs, Sonia Gandhi said, “What do we make of the government resorting to fictitious arguments to justify the secrecy about the price of one of India’s biggest defence purchases — the Rafale fighter aircraft? Or its refusal to respond to wholly justified demands to satisfactorily investigate certain sensitive legal cases of far-reaching political consequence?”

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