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  • World 116,716,498
    Confirmed: 116,716,498
    Active: 21,798,549
    Recovered: 92,324,827
    Death: 2,593,122
  • USA 29,593,704
    Confirmed: 29,593,704
    Active: 8,874,812
    Recovered: 20,183,329
    Death: 535,563
  • India 11,192,088
    Confirmed: 11,192,088
    Active: 180,267
    Recovered: 10,854,128
    Death: 157,693
  • Brazil 10,871,843
    Confirmed: 10,871,843
    Active: 937,485
    Recovered: 9,671,410
    Death: 262,948
  • Russia 4,312,181
    Confirmed: 4,312,181
    Active: 323,107
    Recovered: 3,900,348
    Death: 88,726
  • UK 4,207,304
    Confirmed: 4,207,304
    Active: 938,476
    Recovered: 3,144,567
    Death: 124,261
  • Italy 3,023,129
    Confirmed: 3,023,129
    Active: 456,470
    Recovered: 2,467,388
    Death: 99,271
  • Turkey 2,757,460
    Confirmed: 2,757,460
    Active: 119,711
    Recovered: 2,608,848
    Death: 28,901
  • Germany 2,493,887
    Confirmed: 2,493,887
    Active: 122,190
    Recovered: 2,299,400
    Death: 72,297
  • Pakistan 588,728
    Confirmed: 588,728
    Active: 17,352
    Recovered: 558,210
    Death: 13,166
  • China 89,962
    Confirmed: 89,962
    Active: 173
    Recovered: 85,153
    Death: 4,636

About the Company

Odisha Bhaskar is one of the leading dailies of the state and is coming up with various objectives and issues of human interest since last 16 years. The newspaper began as a dream envisioned by founder and Managing Director Mr. Madhu Mohanty in the year 2004. It is a big category newspaper recognized by the State Government and the Union Government. The newspaper boasts a massive readership base of more than 2.5lakhs per day. Odisha Bhaskar not only bought a revolution in the media sector but also set a new standard in journalism in Odia vernacular. As of now, Odisha Bhaskar is not restricted to being only a newspaper but rather a symbol of revolution for the socio-economical movement in the Odia society.
To quench the massive demand, the newspaper is published in three different editions in the states of Bhubaneswar, Anugul and Berhampur respectively. Recently, a fourth edition has been setup in the Kalahandi district, to recognize and bring up the voices of the neglected citizens of the western region of Odisha. With an updated printing set-up, Odisha Bhaskar has always taken into consideration the needs of readers by providing various special pages like Bibidha Barna, Rajya Khabar, Jatiya-Antarjatiya, Business and Bhaskar Sports etc., which has been widely accepted and appreciated by the people of the state. Odisha Bhaskar has been in partnership with several multinational brands (MNCs) since the beginning, marking its name as one of the leading daily newspapers of the state. Several representatives of the State and Centre have visited the Head-Office of Odisha Bhakar at Bhubaneswar.
The Odisha Bhaskar is a team of professionals, headed by Chief Editor Mr. Pradosh Pattanaik. Mr.Pattanaik is a veteran in the field with over 45years of experience and is a respected figure in the print media of the state. Apart from the circulation of news and information, the company has also been deeply committed into the issues of the society. Each year on the eve of Independence Day, it conducts an event named “Maa Tujhe Salaam” where the martyrs who have laid down their lives for the country are felicitated. It  has also taken the responsibility of bearing the education expense of the children of the martyrs. So far, responsibilities of covering the cost of education for more than 80 children have been done by Odisha Bhaksar. Along with this, a special event called “Kranti Divas”is celebrated on 9th August, every year, where people from all over the state take part and chant the national anthem. The event is conducted in honor of the fallen soldiers of the country. Almost every educational institute of the state takes part in the event, paying homage to the troops. The company also conducted a special event called “Youth Icon Awards” to felicitate the youth who are distinguished in their fields, and are working for the development of the state. The event has been conducted twice to date with great pomp and show.
With a 24*7 news portal, Odisha Bhaskar is now available online for readers round the clock and is connected throughout the globe by its colourful e-paper and updated news streaming.
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