Mission Karmayogi for Civil servants of india

New Delhi, 2/9: A major mission has been approved today in the cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Cabinet has approved the ‘Karmayogi’ mission for Civil Service Officers. Under this, special training will be given. The mission will be run under the National Program for civil services capacity building (NPCSCB). Apart from this, the Official Language Bill for Jammu and Kashmir was also approved in the cabinet meeting.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh told in the press conference that in 2017 PM Narendra Modi went to the training institute of Civil Service Officers located in Mussoorie. During that time there was a discussion of extensive changes in training in the conversation there. With the new digital platform, now civil service officers can sit anywhere and take the training. They can take training on their mobile, laptop, tablet.

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