Chewing Your Food Slowly Controls Weight Gain, says Research

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Scientists have described a new way of weight loss. New research says, if you want to lose weight, chew food slowly and get into the habit of eating. This claim has been made by Bristol and Roehampton University in their research. According to research, those who eat fast are at a higher risk of overweight.

Researchers have explained the connection between eating speed and weight in their research. A study done on 800 children and adults says that if they eat their food in a hurry, then their waist circumference and body mass index increase.

Researcher Dr. Gibson says, our research suggests that children and adults also need to change their food quality and how they eat. If you reduce the speed of chewing food, then the size of the waist can be stopped from increasing.

One in every 10 children aged 4 to 5 in the UK is struggling with obesity. At the same time, one in every 5 children aged 10 to 11 years is suffering from obesity. According to the British health agency NHS, 67 percent of men and 60 percent of women are overweight.

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