Doctors perform Open Heart Surgery in a burning hospital

Moscow,3/4: Doctors in Russia, without caring for their lives, have operated under fire and explained why they are given the status of God. Actually, when the team of doctors were doing open-heart surgery, the hospital caught fire. Despite this, the doctors continued the operation and saved the patient’s life. This spirit of doctors is being praised everywhere. This incident is from the far eastern city of Blagoveshchensk in Russia.

Fire brigade officials said that there was a sudden fire on the roof of Tsarist Era Hospital on Friday. It took at least two hours to get the fire under control. Firemen used a fan to remove the smoke from the operation room and pulled a separate cable to keep the power supply running. During this time, the team of doctors continued to perform the operation regardless of their lives.

Russia’s emergency ministry said that a team of eight doctors and nurses completed the operation in two hours amid the fire. After the operation was over, the patient was shifted to another hospital. Along with this 128 other people were also immediately evacuated from the hospital. On one hand, there was tremendous smoke rising from the hospital building, the team of doctors continued the surgery regardless of their lives.

At the same time, in a conversation with the local media, surgeon Valentin Filatov said that apart from this we could not do anything. We had to save one person. We did everything at a very high level. The ministry also told that the clinic with which the fire started is a very old building. It was built in 1907. The ministry said that the fire had spread like lightning from the wooden roof. At the moment there is no report of any injury. Regional Governor Vasily Orlov has saluted doctors and firefighters for their bravery.

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