Good News about Coronavirus immunity and re-infection

The coronavirus continues to wreak havoc all over the world.  In Hong Kong, Italy, and the United States, people have started to panic after cases of re-infection reported. The way the cases of reintegration are increasing, questions are also being raised in the minds of people about immunity. However, a new study has told people the relief news.
This study on the people of Iceland has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study has removed the apprehensions of the people about reintegration and immunity. For the study, researchers collected serum samples from 30,576 people and tested six different types of antibodies. Researchers found that 91.1 percent of the 1,797 people who had been cured of corona had good levels of antibodies.
The study says that no decrease in this level of antibodies was observed for four months. Immune response was found to be higher in elderly people. The coronavirus affects the elderly only in the most severe and severe way. In such a situation, it is definitely good news to find more immune responses in the elderly. It is also good news for an effective vaccine to have more immune responses.

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