MERS vaccine to fight Corrona, succesful testing on mice!

Washington.8/4: Panic has been reported among people around the world due to corona infections. There is a lot of testing going on how to prevent coronavirus infection. Researchers at the University of Georgia in the United States have claimed that the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome ) vaccine will be able to prevent COVID-19. The MERS vaccine creates immunity in cells. It will also be successful in the field of corona infections, the researchers said. The vaccine has been successfully used in mice. That’s according to a report in the MBA magazine. The vaccine contains the parenchyma virus (PI-5). It contains Spike4 protein. The researchers said the mouse was released from Mars. Professor Paul Moore, a researcher at the University of Enei Lowa, said the use of the parainfluenza virus to prevent coronary infections would be “very successful.” “After further testing, the corona vaccine will be developed,” he said.

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