Ultraviolet rays can kill Coronavirus!

The whole world is troubled by the havoc of Coronavirus these days. The vaccine is being prepared by scientists to prevent coronavirus infection. At this time, when the whole world is facing this epidemic. On the other hand, many claims are being made on social media to protect against coronavirus. One of these claims is that the ultraviolet rays present in the sunlight can disinfect the hands. After such posts went viral on social media, people have adopted many types of prescriptions, but is it really beneficial? For this, the World Health Organization has posted on its Instagram.

WHO (WHO ultra-violet rays) says on ultra-violet rays

Ultraviolet or UV rays present in sunlight, also known as ultraviolet rays. According to a post by the World Health Organization, ultra-violet rays have so much heat that they start destroying the body cells. Also, it can harm the human eyes as well. It has been clarified by the World Health Organization that in no case should Ultra-Violet light is used to disinfect hands.

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