Assam Polls: EVM Found in BJP Candidate’s Car, 4 Suspended

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Guwahati, 2/4: In the case of EVM machines being found in the BJP MLA’s car in Assam, the Election Commission has asked the administration to report on the incident. According to the report received by the Election Commission, the polling party’s car was damaged, after which the presiding officer took a lift from the BJP MLA’s car. During this time, the sector officer appointed by the Election Commission could not arrange any car.

According to the preliminary report received by the Election Commission so far from the District Election Officer, the Polling Party was not initially aware that the vehicle in which they are taking the lift is the car of the BJP MLA (BJP MLA). The car is registered in the name of the wife of the BJP MLA.

When the BJP MLA was returning with the polling party, the locals saw them and stopped the car. The members of the polling party were expelled from the car by the local people and the crowd started becoming violent. According to the information received by the Election Commission, the EVM which was found by the BJP MLA’s car is the EVM after voting. However, according to the report, the seal of the EVM was not broken. The Election Commission is also awaiting another report from the District Election Officer.

The Election Commission has taken disciplinary action against the Presiding Officer in the EVM case. The Election Commission has suspended four polling officers and ordered the registration of an FIR. Along with this, the Election Commission has also sought a detailed report from the District Election Officer.

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