Carona: Americans prefer to stay in India instead returning home

Both Australia and the United States sent planes to take their own citizens to India. 444 Australian nationals have returned home within a week, but most Americans think they should stay in India. The United States has suffered the most in Corona. As of Monday morning, a total of 560,433 people had been infected in the United States, with a total of 22,115 deaths. 32,634 people were discharged from the hospital. There are currently 505, 684 people being treated. Of these, 11,766are serious.

U.S. government officials quoted President Donald Trump’s tweet as saying that the United States had repatriated 50,000 Americans from different countries. However, most Americans living in India think they should stay in India instead of returning home. U.S. officials in India initially asked 800 Americans to return home. Of those, only 10 agreed to return to the United States, he said. He said there were now 24,000 Americans in different parts of India. “Efforts are being made to contact everyone,” he said.

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