Coronavirus spread to 94 countries

Beijing, 8/3: The deadly coronavirus continues to spread. To date, it has spread to 94 countries. The number of infected people has risen to 1,01,988, while 3491 have died. During the day, 1146 new patients were identified and 35 died. In China, the number of patients was 80,651, with 3,070 deaths. Outside of China, a total of 21,337 people have been infected with coronavirus, while 421 have died. A total of 5,823 cases have been reported in Iran, with 1076 new cases reported. There were 145 deaths. More than 16,000 people have been hospitalized on suspicion of infection. South Korea, the second-most infected after China, is in the quarantine of two apartments. In South Korea, the number of infected and the death toll had risen to 6767 and  44 respectively. The hotel collapsed at a hotel in Guangzhou, China, where the suspects were placed under medical supervision. As a result, 23 people are under the rubble.

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