“Coronavirus” trailer launched…Watch now


The coronavirus pandemic has spread across the country and the world has stopped the whole world. From common man to Bollywood celebs are staying in their homes between lockdowns. But Salman Khan has launched many music videos in the midst of lockdown and he has also become a superhit. After Bhaijaan, the trailer of filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s next film has been launched. The name and theme of this film will surprise you. The name of this film is ‘Corona Virus’ and its theme is revolving around this epidemic.

Ram Gopal Varma is the producer of this film and has been directed by Agastya Manju. This film is made in Telugu. The trailer of the film is more than four minutes. Agastya Manju is playing the lead role in this. The film will be released on the Shreyas ET app. In the last trailer of the film, it has been claimed that this is the world’s first film based on the coronavirus. But Canadian director Mustafa Keshwari has made a film named ‘Corona’ in April itself.

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