Coronavirus vaccine first human trial successful!


Experts from countries around the world are in search of vaccines amidst the growing infection of Coronavirus. Meanwhile, Moderna Inc. has claimed that his first trial has been successful. Antibodies are produced in the body through its vaccine, which makes the attack of the virus very weak. Although this has been done on a small group due to the first trial, even then in this environment of fear, this is considered to be the first big news.

How the trial is done?
The trial of the vaccine is being done in different stages. Under this, it is seen how medicine has an effect on the body and how much time it takes. Along with this, attention is also being given to the side effect. During a test on 45 healthy people in Seattle, he was given two low-volume shots of the vaccine. During this time, antibodies to fight the corona appeared in his body. These results look like any previously approved vaccine. According to the report published in the Indian Express, the company’s CEO Stephen Bensel said that the formation of antibodies is a good symptom that can stop the virus from growing. Let me tell you that Modarna has been working on this vaccine since January since the Chinese experts had isolated the genome sequence of the coronavirus.

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