Delhi Election Exit Poll: AAP storm continues in Delhi


New Delhi,8/2:  Delhi assembly election concluded today. Exit poll results are out. And most of the exit polls confirmed the victory of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Times Now-Ipsos survey predicts 44 seats for AAP and 26 seats for BJP. NewsX-Pollstrats Predicts 50-56 seats to AAP and 10-14 seats to BJP.

ABP-CVoter predicts 49-63 seats for AAP and 5-19 seats for BJP and 0-4 seats for Congress.


Republic TV predicts 48-61 seats for AAP 9-21 seats for BJP and 0-1 seats for Congress.

NewsX-Neta predicts 53-57 seats for AAP and 11-17 seats for BJP and 0-2 seats for Congress.

Sudarshan TV predicts 40-45 seats for AAP and 24-28 seats for BJP and 0-2 seats for Congress.


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