Delhi-Ghaziabad border sealed again


The DM of Ghaziabad has ordered the Delhi-Ghaziabad border to be sealed again due to the growing corona infection in the district. Only those nearby will be allowed to come to the Ghaziabad border. People related to important services will also be exempt. Earlier, the border was sealed during Lockdown-2.

The order states that vehicles belonging to heavy vehicles, trucks, freight vehicles, banking facilities and vehicles related to essential commodities and medicines will be allowed to pass through the Ghaziabad border without any inquiry. There will also be no need for doctors, paramedical staff, police, bank personnel. Their credentials will be sufficient for the movement and they will be recognized.

Apart from this, ambulances will be able to come without any interruption. Even for the media persons, only their authorized identity card will have to be shown and they will be allowed to travel. Apart from this, under special circumstances, if any pass is issued from any competent level of Delhi Government, then it will be given full recognition.


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