Five Benefits of Drinking Warm Water over Cold Water!

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Dehydration means a lack of water in the body. Public research in the journal Frontier in Psychology says that if the body remains dehydrated for 15 minutes, it can affect our mood and attention.

According to the National Academy of Medicine, a young woman should drink 2.69 liters and a man should drink 3.69 liters of water daily. Warm water keeps the body hydrated more than cold water. The reason for this is that the body rapidly absorbs it.

Understanding two signs of lack of water in the body
The oldest way to know the lack of water in the body is a change in the color of urine, but apart from this, there are also two signs that give information about dehydration.

Trying to eat sweet again and again: The liver is not able to release glycogen (stored sugar) due to lack of water. In such a situation, the person has a desire to eat sweets because the body is not able to release glucose for energy.

Skin test: To perform this test, with two fingers, drag the skin behind the hand and leave. If the skin takes more than a few seconds to return to normal, it can cause water loss.

Impact on the body due to lack of water

Urinary and kidney problems: Due to continuous water deficiency, there is a risk of infections in the urinary tract, stones in the kidney, and kidney failure.
Hypovolemic shock: Dehydration can reduce blood pressure and decrease the amount of oxygen in the blood, which can even kill a person.

5 major benefits of drinking water

Body temperature remains in control
Excess of sweat in summer causes loss of water in the body and there is a risk of increasing body temperature. If you drink 10 glasses of water throughout the day, dehydration and body temperature remain under control.

Reduce the risk of constipation and stomach diseases
Experts say, if you want relief from constipation and stomach diseases, then drinking water in addition to fiber-rich things is also necessary. Digestion is better by drinking water 45 minutes before meals and after 45 minutes after the meal.

Helps in weight loss
If we drink a sufficient amount of water every day, then it also stops the growth. It helps in increasing immunity by taking out the toxic elements of the body.

Increases energy and skin glow
Water also works to give energy to the body. According to research, water helps in increasing the collagen in the body. This increases the brightness of the skin.

Improves mood by eliminating fatigue
According to another research, water also works to make our mood better and positive. It prevents dehydration and helps to relieve fatigue.


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