Foldable smartphone that will fold twice to be launched by Samsung!

Samsung is soon expected to launch its foldable smartphones of 2021, which could be three in number and fall in the Galaxy Z series. Here's a look at the details.

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Samsung is one of the tech companies that decided to put its stake in the foldable smartphone arena, and we can safely say that South Korean tech major is evolving. It is expected to launch new foldable devices this year, and one of them is expected to feature a dual-hinge design.

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The upcoming Samsung foldable smartphone is expected to be a part of the Galaxy Z series. Here’s a look at what all we know about it.

Samsung’s foldable phone with two folds

Samsung is planning to increase its foldable smartphone production despite the current global chip shortage.

The company is expected to release a new type with two folds. This essentially means that the device will be folded twice. This will be like the Huawei Mate Xs, which also comes in two folds. However, we don’t really know how the device will turn out. It is most likely to make room for a 16:9 or an 18:9 aspect ratio for easy app compatibility once the device is unfolded.

The upcoming Galaxy Z foldable phone will be launched alongside another variant of the Galaxy Z Flip and the Z Fold. All three devices are expected to launch as early as this year.

While details regarding the 2021 Samsung foldable phones remain unknown, the devices are expected to come with improved specs and features as compared to the predecessor model. There are also chances that one of them will be a relatively affordable one.

This can give tough competition to the existing foldable smartphones that fall in the high-end price range.

In addition to this, Samsung is likely to increase its foldable phone production, much like its “conventional” Galaxy S and Note series.

Since it won’t launch a Galaxy Note this year, there are chances that the company might replace the Note series with the foldable phone lineup.

However, we don’t have concrete details to support the aforementioned. Hence, need to wait until we get an official word on the same. Stay tuned with us for more information.

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