Follow these Tips to Protect Yourselves from Covid 19 during Holi Celebrations!

A second wave of corona has started in India, with the new strain of corona rapidly infecting people.

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Coronavirus cases are increasing once again in the country. In such a situation, the government has issued some new guidelines for Holi and has advised people to follow them. A second wave of corona has started in India, with the new strain of corona rapidly infecting people. In such a situation, during the festival of Holi, it is important to take some precautions to keep everyone safe from Covid so that you and those close to you are safe.

1. Play Holi with family

In order to avoid infection in this era of coronavirus, it is important that you meet with a minimum number of people. You can’t figure out who can give you an infection. So it is better to play Holi only with your family.

2. Do not go to any party

Holi is a festival where people celebrate it together. A party is usually organized and people play fiercely. However, this is not the time to be a part of such an event. Try not to go to such parties for a while.

3. Play Holi with only dry colors

Holi is a festival of colors, but people usually use water a lot. This time try to play with dry colors because the use of water can also make you sick. Dry Holi can be effective in protecting you from infection.

4. Do not forget the mask

People often meet each other at a festival like Holi, so if someone comes to visit you, then definitely wear a mask. A cough and sneezing of an infected person can cause a corona infection. So it is better to wear a mask and remove it at home.

5. Use sanitizer 

If you meet people on this day, then clean the hands with sanitizer or come home and wash hands first.

6. Do not shake hands with people

In the last one year, we have learned not to join hands with people, especially during the festival take care that do not join hands at all.

7. Do not apply color on these organs

Do not apply color to anyone’s mouth i.e. eyes, mouth, and nose, and do not let anyone apply. Corona infects through these organs of the body.

8. Take care of food

People whose immunity is weak are at greater risk of getting corona. So avoid eating outside or junk food during the festival time. Eat as much homemade food or healthy food as possible, which will help your body to fight against diseases.

9. Avoid going to market or mall

People often go shopping at the festival. In view of the increasing cases of corona nowadays, avoid doing so. You can order goods online.

10. Do not invite guests at home

Guests usually come during festivals, but try this time that no one comes to your house. Especially if you live with the elderly, small children, or people who are suffering from other diseases.

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