Fuel prices hike for the second straight day.

The prices of petrol and diesel has been on the rise for the second day straight on Saturday.


New Delhi, 21/11: The prices of petrol and diesel saw the prices hiking up for the second straight day on Saturday. This is the first time in almost two months that the prices have continued to rise up on consecutive days. As per the new revised rates made by the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), petrol prices have increased by 15paise/litre and diesel prices have increased by 20paise/litre in the nation’s capital. The new revised price of petrol is Rs.81.38, as compared to Rs.81.23 and the revised price of diesel is Rs.70.88 per litre as compared to Rs.70.68 on Friday.

OMC sources reported that the hike in price might not end on Saturday and may continue well into the upcoming week. The rise in fuel prices have come after two months of stagnancy, and OMC may continue the hike to refrain from incurring losses.

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