Good News : Israel developed Corona vaccine!


Israel has claimed that it has prepared the vaccine of Coronavirus and it will be available to everyone soon. Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said on Monday that the Defense Biological Institute has made the coronavirus vaccine. According to Benet, the Institute has prepared antibodies for the coronavirus. Israel claims that the vaccine has been developed and the patent and production process has been started.

According to a report in the Times of Israel, an organization called the Israel Institute for Biological Research, which claims to have made the corona vaccine, undercuts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office in a very secretive manner. Bennett made this announcement after visiting the Institute for Biological Research on Sunday. According to the Defense Minister, this antibody attacks the coronavirus in a monoclonal manner and kills the coronavirus inside the body of infected people.

Production will start as soon as the patent is obtained
In a statement issued by the Israeli Defense Ministry, it has been said that the vaccine has been developed and now the process of patenting it is in progress. In a few days, talks will be started with international pharmaceutical companies for production at its commercial level. Bennett said, “I am proud of the staff of the institute for this great success.” Although Israel has not told whether this vaccine has been tried on humans or not. Bennett said that Israel is now trying to strike a balance in the process of reopening the health and economy of its citizens.

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