Great Khali is frying Pakoras in lockdown

Due to Coronavirus, people are locked in homes. Due to the lockdown, people are using time differently and in their own style. From general people to special, they are spending time in their own style. The famous wrestler Dilip Rana aka The Great Khali is also locked at home due to the lockdown. However, a picture of him is making headlines. He is sharing the information about his activities related to the lockdown to the fans through social media.

The Great Khali hails from Dhirina, the Giripar area of ​​Sirmaur district in Himachal. However, now he rarely comes to this area, but he has also opened a wrestling academy in Jalandhar, Punjab. The pakoras are frying during the cake lockdown. Apart from this, he was also seen sweating in his farmhouse. His work in the fields and photos and videos of frying pakoras have gone viral on social media.

This appeal to people
Khali has also given a message to people to follow the guidelines during the lockdown. He also appealed that people should stay at home in lockdown and maintain social distance. Significantly, two cases of corona have been reported in Khali’s home district Sirmaur. One of these patients has been cured. At the same time, in Jalandhar in Punjab, the cases of corona are continuously increasing.

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