In the festive season, this company is giving 30 thousand people jobs

Ecom Express, which provides ‘logistics’ facility including the delivery of goods, plans to provide 30,000 people for the festive season in the next few weeks . These jobs will be temporary. The company has planned to appoint new people to meet the increased demand from e-commerce companies during festivals. Prior to COVID-19, the company’s workforce was around 23,000. The company hired 7,500 employees in the last few months to fulfill growing ‘online’ orders following ‘lockdown’.

Company started appointments
People are turning to e-commerce between COVID-19 for grocery, medicine, and other items. Saurabh Deep Singla, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer of Ecom Express told PTI, “The epidemic has taken the e-commerce industry to a different stage. During the festivals, our e-commerce customers are making a lot of aggressive plans and we want to make sure that they can meet the demand. We have started appointments.

30,000 temporary jobs will be created during festivals
This process will continue till October 10 and we are expecting to create 30,000 temporary jobs during the festivals. “The company’s workforce was 30,500 in August. He said, “Last year we hired 20,000 people before the festivals. Though these jobs were temporary about one-third of them have become permanent because we are seeing an increase in orders even after festivals. “

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