India will see more than 1 Crore Coronavirus cases if second wave of Corona hits : Scientists

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There has been a decrease in new cases of Coronavirus and recent deaths in India since the last few days. Meanwhile, a committee of scientists appointed by the government on Sunday reacted to the Covid-19 in India. The committee estimates that the peak of Coronavirus infection has now passed in India. However, the committee said that the possibility of a second wave of the pandemic in the country cannot be ruled out and due to this, in February 2021, there is a possibility of active cases of corona in India exceeding 1.06 crores. The committee says that in such a situation, the necessary measures to protect against the coronavirus infection in the country should be continued like this.

NITI Aayog member in the committee Paul said that for the last three weeks, even though new cases of coronavirus infection and deaths due to it have been decreasing in the country. But the second wave of winter corona cannot be ruled out. This committee of scientists constituted by the government says that if the lockdown was not imposed in India to stop the growing cases of corona in March, then the number of deaths from Kovid 19 in the country would have crossed 25 lakh. But there was a benefit due to the lockdown and so far 1.14 lakh deaths have occurred in the country. However, concern has also been expressed about Coronavirus infection in winter.

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