Mafias are supplying door-to-door drugs and weapons by pizza delivery people

Due to Coronavirus, there is a lockdown in many countries of the world. The majority of the world’s population is locked in homes due to lockdown. But Drugs Mafia is also making huge money by cashing this opportunity. During the lockdown, mafias are transporting drugs and weapons inside the pizza box to their customer’s home by courier boy. Interpol has revealed that drugs are being forcefully supplied within the pizza box in Britain, Ireland, Malaysia, and Spain.

In order to prevent the spread of corona infection, the governments of all countries have banned all operations. All businesses and establishments are closed. Because of which the economy of the rich countries around the world has collapsed. But the drug mafia business is thriving in this lockdown too. Despite the lockdown, there has been no decrease in the sale of drugs and illegal weapons.

According to the Daily Mail report, drug dealers in Britain, Ireland, Malaysia, and Spain are delivering drugs to the house of buyers under the guise of delivery of pizza. In the name of take-away food delivery, couriers are delivering bikes, motorcycles, and cars by placing cocaine, marijuana, and ketamine inside the boy food box. Courier buys are also making huge profits through this supply.

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