Man Gets Engaged to Sex Doll! The Reason will Shock You!

New Delhi, 30/1: A Hong Kong man has got engaged to a sex doll after he spotted it in a retail store. Xie Tianrong got attracted to the sex doll named ‘Mochi’ and got engaged to it, he revealed that it is easier for him to date a sex doll than a human being.

Xie Tianrong, 36 lives with his parents and got hitched earlier this month in front of his close friends and relatives. Madly in love with ‘Mochi’ Xie has gifted her with expensive gifts like the iPhone 12.

Xie Tianrong has never had sex with Mochi. He claims he has never kissed her as he fears it would damage her sensitive skin, according to a report on The Sun.

“A doll cost 80,000 yuan at that time, so I had to dispel my thoughts as I could not afford her. But in 2019, I found a silicone doll on the internet that was on sale and cost about 10,000 yuan (Rs 1 lakh) so I ordered it,” Xie Tianrong was quoted as saying.

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