Medical certificate will be necessary to travel in flight after lockdown

New Delhi, 28/4: The period of lockdown in the country due to the Corona epidemic (Covid-19) is being completed on 3 May. According to the information so far, the government is considering phasing out the lockdown in other places except for the hotspot area. At present, no decision has been taken on resuming trains and flights. However, if you are thinking of traveling by flight after lockdown, then you have to show a medical certificate of yourself and your family members. Apart from this, you may also have to buy gloves, face masks, and disposable caps for your next flight.

According to the news of the English business website ‘Economic Times’, a technical committee of doctors, bureaucrats, airports, and airline officials are considering new rules for air travel to prevent the corona epidemic from spreading to flight. For this, the committee is preparing a standard operating procedure (SOP) for passengers and airport staff. It will be released soon. Please tell that flights and trains in the country are expected to run again after May 15. At the same time, the complete lockdown in the country can be removed by June.

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