North Korean hackers target COVID-19 vaccine makers

North Korean hackers have targeted vaccine makers and researchers of COVID-19 across USA, UK and South Korea.

COVID-19 Updates
  • World 141,323,933
    Confirmed: 141,323,933
    Active: 18,234,440
    Recovered: 120,065,176
    Death: 3,024,317
  • USA 32,372,119
    Confirmed: 32,372,119
    Active: 6,886,031
    Recovered: 24,905,332
    Death: 580,756
  • India 14,788,109
    Confirmed: 14,788,109
    Active: 1,801,298
    Recovered: 12,809,643
    Death: 177,168
  • Brazil 13,900,134
    Confirmed: 13,900,134
    Active: 1,183,384
    Recovered: 12,344,861
    Death: 371,889
  • Russia 4,693,469
    Confirmed: 4,693,469
    Active: 268,887
    Recovered: 4,319,389
    Death: 105,193
  • UK 4,385,938
    Confirmed: 4,385,938
    Active: 112,868
    Recovered: 4,145,810
    Death: 127,260
  • Turkey 4,212,645
    Confirmed: 4,212,645
    Active: 533,303
    Recovered: 3,643,734
    Death: 35,608
  • Italy 3,857,443
    Confirmed: 3,857,443
    Active: 505,308
    Recovered: 3,235,459
    Death: 116,676
  • Germany 3,137,907
    Confirmed: 3,137,907
    Active: 282,181
    Recovered: 2,775,200
    Death: 80,526
  • Pakistan 756,285
    Confirmed: 756,285
    Active: 80,559
    Recovered: 659,483
    Death: 16,243
  • China 90,499
    Confirmed: 90,499
    Active: 314
    Recovered: 85,549
    Death: 4,636

New Delhi, 3/12: Several major pharmaceutical companies researching the vaccine for COVID-19 were targeted by a group of North Korean hackers. The hackers targeted Johnson & Johnson and Novavax Inc. of USA,  AstraZeneca of UK, and three South Korean companies, Genexine Inc, Boryung Pharma Co Ltd, Shin Poong Pharm Co Ltd and Celltrion Inc. All these companies have been working on the development of an experimental vaccine for the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. It has also been revealed that the hackers tried to gain access to  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and the University of Tuebingen in Germany, where the research is going on. It has not been clarified whether they managed to gain access and swipe information or not.

As per the investigators’ report, the hackers have been identified as “Kimusky”, a group of hackers linked to North Korea, infamous in cybersecurity circles for years of attempts to swipe national security intelligence from the U.S., South Korea, and Japan. This is not the first time that a North Korean hackers’ group has tried to infiltrate into the pharma companies data. Previously, there had been reports about AstraZeneca facing such attacks from North Korea in files with fake job offers via Whatsapp and LinkedIn laced with malware. Other hacker groups trying to steal information about the COVID-19 vaccine included groups from Iran, Vietnam, South Korea, China, and Russia. Apart from AstraZeneca, who has kept silent on the issue about the data robbery, all the other companies have reported that there has been no theft of data and that they are on constant vigil about the issue.

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