Pakistani cricket team faces COVID-19 crisis as seventh member tests positive

Another member of the Pakistani Men's Cricket team tested positive for COVID-19 in the isolation facility at Christchurch. This has made the situation worse for the Pakistani team as their total number of players infected by COVID-19 has reached to 7.

COVID-19 Updates
  • World 141,324,150
    Confirmed: 141,324,150
    Active: 18,241,637
    Recovered: 120,058,448
    Death: 3,024,065
  • USA 32,372,119
    Confirmed: 32,372,119
    Active: 6,886,031
    Recovered: 24,905,332
    Death: 580,756
  • India 14,788,109
    Confirmed: 14,788,109
    Active: 1,801,298
    Recovered: 12,809,643
    Death: 177,168
  • Brazil 13,900,134
    Confirmed: 13,900,134
    Active: 1,183,384
    Recovered: 12,344,861
    Death: 371,889
  • Russia 4,693,469
    Confirmed: 4,693,469
    Active: 268,887
    Recovered: 4,319,389
    Death: 105,193
  • UK 4,385,938
    Confirmed: 4,385,938
    Active: 112,868
    Recovered: 4,145,810
    Death: 127,260
  • Turkey 4,212,645
    Confirmed: 4,212,645
    Active: 533,303
    Recovered: 3,643,734
    Death: 35,608
  • Italy 3,857,443
    Confirmed: 3,857,443
    Active: 505,308
    Recovered: 3,235,459
    Death: 116,676
  • Germany 3,137,907
    Confirmed: 3,137,907
    Active: 292,281
    Recovered: 2,765,100
    Death: 80,526
  • Pakistan 756,285
    Confirmed: 756,285
    Active: 80,559
    Recovered: 659,483
    Death: 16,243
  • China 90,499
    Confirmed: 90,499
    Active: 314
    Recovered: 85,549
    Death: 4,636

New Delhi(Christchurch)/28/11: The troubles seem to be increasing for Pakistan Men’s Cricket Team another member tested positive for COVID-19. The positive result came only a day after the  New Zealand Cricket and the Director-General of Health issued a final warning to the Pakistan team for breaching COVID-19 protocols. Out of the 53 members of the Pakistani team, 6 had tested positive for COVID-19 upon arrival in New Zealand while also evidence of breaching the safety protocols had been reported. “One additional member of the Pakistan squad has today tested positive during routine testing. The remainder of the results from the squad’s Day 3 swab testing – apart from the six who have already returned a positive result, are negative,” an official from New Zealand’s Health Ministry said.

In the last 14 days, there has been a total of 52 active cases in New Zealand for the coronavirus pandemic according to data from the World Health Organisation. 15 percent of the actual cases in New Zealand is currently made up of the Pakistan cricket team.


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