Playing Video Games for 10 Minutes will Improve your eSports skills: Research

Although the habit of video games is not good, but playing it for 10 minutes every day improves eSports skills. The eSports Science Research Lab (ESRL) has done a study about it. According to the study, on studying video games, he found that novice gamers have benefited a lot from it. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) headset was also used in the first 20 minutes of the training session. With its help, the activity of the brain is detected.

Director of ESRL, Researcher Mark Campbell said, “Our steed found that novice gamers who wore tDCS before training improved their gaming skills in five days. Especially for novices who were not trained for the game before. ” The participants designed a tDCS headset designed to study human behavior in computers. However, during this time, there was no movement in the minds of some participants.

The researchers said that during the training session of the Gaming Study, we asked the players to eliminate enemy targets by finding them quickly and shooting them properly. In such a situation, the players’ brains became more active. When the researcher examined the players who were not stirring in their mind, they saw the effect of left and right target, but the center target was not found. It was clear from the results of the session that most people can benefit from playing the game for 10 minutes.

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