PUBG Mobile India requests meeting with MEITY

After the Indian shooter game FAU-G began its pre-registration, PUBG Mobile India has requested for a meeting with MEITY, regarding the game's future.

New Delhi, 2/12: Popular shooter game, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG has seemingly woke up from its slumber as it requested a meeting with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(MEITY) regarding the game’s future. PUBG Mobile India’s request comes a couple of days after the Indian counterpart to PUBG, Fearless And United Guards aka FAU-G begun its pre-registration on 30 December 2020.

PUBG Mobile was banned by the MEITY after the repeated clashes between India and China in the aftermath of the infamous Galwan valley clash. The MEITY had banned PUBG along with several other apps that had their developers based primarily in China, accusing them of breaching the safety of user data and stealing it. The parent company, PUBG Corporation soon enough developed a game specifically for Indian users, and even set up a company headquarters in Bengaluru, but the game has yet to be launched. Sources within MEITY revealed that the proposed meeting could chart the course for the game’s relaunch but they admitted that it will not be easy for PUBG Mobile to relaunch in India at least until February 2021.

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