Shah Rukh Khan’s mother-in-law accused of cheating, luxury house to be demolished

Mumbai, 28/2: King Khan Shah Rukh’s mother-in-law is now in shock. She was later fined Rs 3.4 crore for buying land for agriculture and building a farmhouse in that land. If she does not pay the fine, the luxury building in Mumbai’s Alibagh Thal will be demolished.

According to the information received, the fine has been imposed on Deja Vu Farm Pvt. The company was run by Shah Rukh’s mother-in-law Sabita Chhiba and her sister-in-law Namita Chiba. At the time, the land was bought to grow money to grow coconuts, while a luxurious farmhouse was built there at a later date. The farmhouse has already hosted several big Bollywood parties and Shah Rukh Khan has also celebrated his birthday here. However, the district magistrate first issued a notice to Deja Vu Farm Pvt. Ltd. on January 26, 2018, following allegations of fraud. The notice said that the property would be legalized after paying Rs 3.4 crore. Although four notices have been received since 2014, two owners of the farmhouse, Sabita Chiba and her sister-in-law Namita Chiba, have not yet paid. Which is why her luxurious farmhouse could be demolished at any moment.

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