There are thousands of Shivalinga in this river in India


There are so many places in the World that are mysterious. There is no shortage of such places in India. There is such a place in Karnataka, which is associated with religion. Thousands of Shivalinga are found here. For Lord Shiva devotees, this place is no less than a mystery. This holy place is called Sahastralinga. It is located 16 km from Sirsi in Karnataka. There are more than a thousand ancient shibboleths on the banks of the Shalmala River, as well as a stone-carved statue. The Shivalinga and the statue on the banks of the river are said to have been erected by Sadashiv Rai Burma, king of the Vijayanagar Empire, between 1678 and 1718. A fair is held here every year on Mahashivratri, which is attended by a large number of people. The Shivalinga and rocks here are submerged in the river during the monsoon season. But when the water level drops, thousands of shibboleths suddenly appear. The scene is truly mysterious

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