Water crisis due to Coronavirus!

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New Delhi, 25/3: Health experts recommend a variety of ways to avoid coronavirus. Among them are the use of masks, washing hands regularly at regular intervals and not touching the eyes, nose, mouth frequently. So washing your hands multiple times a day is wasting a lot of water. “If this continues, there is a risk of a water crisis in the coming days,” according to experts. In the past, a person used to consume 70-75 liters of water, but now the number has risen to 125 liters due to constant hand washing. Experts say that if Corona’s terror is not over soon, such a hand-washing will one day be the end of the world’s reservoir. The water crisis continues in many parts of the world. At the same time, washing hands at regular intervals can lead to many deaths due to a lack of drinking water. The impact is also expected to be felt in some states in India, including Rajasthan, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. In some states, there is a severe shortage of drinking water during the dry season. Experts are of the opinion that people who are dehydrated should wash their hands to avoid Coronavirus and end up in a life-and-death crisis in thirst.

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