What to do if you lose money in bank fraud.Know the details

The incidence of fraud is increasing rapidly in the Corona epidemic. That is why the RBI is constantly informing the common people to avoid it. Despite this, if money is stolen from your account then what you have to do. RBI has also given information about this on its Twitter handle.

The Reserve Bank of India had issued a circular in this regard on July 6, 2017, to protect the interests of bank account holders. The circular states that what should the customer do if there is unauthorized transaction or fraud from the account so that it does not cause damage.

According to the circular of the Reserve Bank, if there is unauthorized transaction or fraud from your bank account, then inform the bank within three days through any means. It is mandatory to give information about this to the bank. If you do this then you will have zero liability in this case. If the unauthorized transaction or fraud has not happened due to your fault or negligence, the bank will make full compensation for your loss.

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