World Pakhala Divas 2021: Here’s All You Need to Know About Odisha’s Favourite Dish!

March 20 is observed as World Pakhala Divas every year. Every Odia takes pride in eating Pakhala. It is one of the most liked dishes in the state.

Pakhala is a delicious Odia delicacy consisting of cooked rice with lightly fermented water. it is enjoyed with side dishes like badi chura, macha bhaja, saga, baigana tamata poda, alu bharta, etc.

Apart from Odisha Pakhala is enjoyed in many states in eastern India. Pakhala is also included in the recipe of Lord Jagannath of Puri as a common delicacy.

Pakhala is mostly eaten in the summer season but Odia people eat it almost all around the year.

If you haven’t eaten Pakhala yet, then today is the day. Treat yourself with this amazing dish and save yourself from this scorching heat.


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