India to need 10 lakh ventilator to combat Corona!

New Delhi,23/4: In India, the situation is getting worse with the corona infection. Ventilators are needed for those with severe COVID-19. India currently has 50,000 ventilators. One million ventilators are needed to combat coronavirus. Efforts are made by the government to add more ventilators . Efforts are being made to meet the demand of ventilators in the country by Dynamatics, a startup company, Nokka Robotics, a start-up company, and Agoba Healthcare, a New Delhi-based company. Ventilators are being built by companies. However, the lack of staff in Lockdown Down is said to be making it difficult to meet the target. The government planned to make all medical equipment available in lockdown. In just eight days in April, the number of corona infections in the country increased by 10,000. “If this continues, the situation will be unbearable,” said Shuvrajyoti Bhoumik, clinical director of Peerless Hospital in Kolkata. “If 10 percent of India’s 130 crore population is infected with corona, and 1 percent of them need ventilators, it will be impossible to supply it,” he said.

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