36 British MPs want UK to raise issue with India about the ongoing farmers protest.

The MPs entended their support to the ongoing farmers protest in India and asked the Foreign Secretary to put pressure on the Indian Government against the recently enacted agricultural laws.

New Delhi(London), 5/12: The ongoing farmers’ protest in the country seems to have captured the international attention, as in United Kingdom(UK), a faction consisting 36 MPs from various parties came together under the leadership of Labour Party’s Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi, raised the issue about the protest. The MPs, penned a letter to the British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab asking the Secretary to pressurise India against the recently enacted agriculture laws which ‘exploit’ the farmers and those who depend on farming. They further urged the representative to hold meetings with the Indian Government through the support of Sikh farmers of India and abroad.

Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi, the Labour MP for Slough, in his letter, said that last month several representatives tried to talk to the Indian High Commission in London about the impact of the three new farm laws implemented by the Indian Government.”This is an issue of particular concern to Sikhs in the UK and those linked to Punjab, although it also heavily impacts on other Indian states. The Punjabi community is widely recognized as the backbone of the state’s economic structure and the farmers’ concerns are a powerful faction in national and state politics,” the letter from Dhesi said.

“Many constituents, especially those emanating from the Punjab, have contacted MPs to express solidarity with the farmers opposing farmers Bill 2020 in India. Dozens of MPs duly deliberated and signed a cross-party letter, seeking justice for the peacefully protesting farmers.” Dhesi tweeted. This development came as the ongoing farmers protest reached its 10th day on Saturday at Haryana-Delhi and Uttar Pradesh-Delhi border.

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