Chenab Bridge’s work in Final Stages, to be Completed soon

Srinagar, 5/4: The world’s highest railway bridge, the arch above the Chenab Bridge, built under the Jammu and Kashmir Baramulla Link Rail Project, will be completed soon. A ‘miraculous engineering effort’ of the Railways has been seen.

The half-kilometer-long arch to the Chenab bridge plated 359 meters above the river bed. This arch will be 30 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It will be fitted on the highest part of the bridge today. With the help of cranes, a piece of metal that is 5.3 meters long is being placed on the top of the bridge. Railways is planning to organize a function on this achievement, where the media will be informed about the project.

Significantly, after independence, this bridge will present the best example of science and technology in the history of Indian Railways. Let us tell you that there are a total of 38 tunnels in this project. The longest tunnel in it is 12.75 kilometers. Two special types of cable cars have been built to build the bridge, which has a capacity of 20 and 37 metric tons. Out of 550 meters of Chenab bridge, 516 meters have been completed and the remaining 34 meters are still to be completed.


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