Coroflu vaccine to be released in India by the end of this year!

The number of coronavirus cases in India is increasing day by day. The ‘Coroflu’ vaccine is expected to arrive in India by the end of this year. This will also be useful for treating the flu along with the corona. It is manufactured by the Bharat Biotech Company of Hyderabad and is still being tested in the US on the animals. It is expected to be used in humans for the next three months. If successful, it will be used. The vaccine is said to be used as a nasal dropper. If you inject a drop of “Coroflu” in your nose, you will be able to prevent the flu, along with the corona. Experts say the vaccine will be injected into the nose as the corona infection is caused by the nose. 30 crore doses will be produced every year, said CMD of Bharat Biotechnology Company Dr. Krishna Ella informed.

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