Corona effect: The price of mask and sanitizers increases 10 fold

New Delhi, 5/3: The number of corona infections in India is on the rise. People have been warned by the health ministry to wear masks for safety. In addition, the Ministry of Health has emphasized on hand washing. People are advised to wash their hands thoroughly for more than 15 seconds. The price of masks and sanitizers in various cities of India has already increased by 10 times in view of the demand of the people. Previously, the Plus 2 mask was priced at 90 paise, but now it has reached Rs 10. Similarly, the price of 3 Plus 7 masks has gone up from Rs 1 . 15 paise to Rs 15. Some medical stores are said to have no stock. Similarly, the sanitizer, which used to cost Rs 150, has now gone up to Rs 250 in Delhi.

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