COVID Vaccine will be ready in 3-4months: Health Minister Harsh Vardhan

The Union Health and Welfare Minister while addressing a virtual seminar said that he is confident about the vaccine for COVID-19 being ready for public use in 3-4 months.

COVID-19 Updates
  • World 100,881,388
    Confirmed: 100,881,388
    Active: 25,784,369
    Recovered: 72,928,683
    Death: 2,168,336
  • USA 26,011,222
    Confirmed: 26,011,222
    Active: 9,808,357
    Recovered: 15,767,413
    Death: 435,452
  • India 10,690,279
    Confirmed: 10,690,279
    Active: 177,223
    Recovered: 10,359,305
    Death: 153,751
  • Brazil 8,936,590
    Confirmed: 8,936,590
    Active: 919,017
    Recovered: 7,798,655
    Death: 218,918
  • Russia 3,756,931
    Confirmed: 3,756,931
    Active: 511,888
    Recovered: 3,174,561
    Death: 70,482
  • UK 3,689,746
    Confirmed: 3,689,746
    Active: 1,927,100
    Recovered: 1,662,484
    Death: 100,162
  • Italy 2,485,956
    Confirmed: 2,485,956
    Active: 482,417
    Recovered: 1,917,117
    Death: 86,422
  • Turkey 2,442,350
    Confirmed: 2,442,350
    Active: 94,495
    Recovered: 2,322,511
    Death: 25,344
  • Germany 2,163,113
    Confirmed: 2,163,113
    Active: 242,723
    Recovered: 1,866,000
    Death: 54,390
  • Pakistan 537,477
    Confirmed: 537,477
    Active: 33,820
    Recovered: 492,207
    Death: 11,450
  • China 89,272
    Confirmed: 89,272
    Active: 1,862
    Recovered: 82,774
    Death: 4,636

New Delhi, 19/11: The Union Health and Welfare Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan while addressing the FICCI FLO webinar on ”The Shifting Healthcare Paradigm During and Post-Covid” today said that he is confident about the vaccine for COVID-19 will be ready for public use in 3-4 months. He praised the steps taken by the Central Government to control the pandemic and said that the Centre had to take some “very bold steps” in order to control the pandemic from creating havoc.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan gave an account of the various steps taken by the Government to implement the “Janta curfew” and other various steps in the last 11months and said that India was one of the top countries to control the pathogen in a very short duration. “We will deliver a new India in 2022 as per the dream of PM Narendra Modi. Only humanism and nationalism would prevail in this new India as our PM envisions, “the minister concluded, sharing the PM’s vision about the nation. As of today, India ranks second in the list of countries with the total number of cases worldwide.

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