Farah’s daughter raised lakh of rupees to help the needy

Mumbai,20/4: The whole world is now waging war against the pandemic. The Indian government has also extended the lockdown period to May 3 to combat corona. At a time like this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly urged people to stay home and help the poor to the best of their ability. Many Bollywood celebrities have come forward to help. Star kids are now included in this order.

Filmmaker Farah Khan’s daughter Anya Kunder has come forward to help people suffering from various problems due to lockdown. He is helping people in need of various paintings. He has collected about one lakh rupees by drawing pictures of various other pets. So he is using the money to help the needy and street dogs. Farah himself made the announcement on social media.

Informatively, it takes a thousand bucks to make another sketch. He draws pictures of pets for people. Earlier, others had made similar sketches and raised about Rs 70,000. It is also used to help the needy.

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