Four Coronavirus patients died because lack of Oxygen

Four coronavirus patients died in a hospital in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand, many others were left with insufficient levels of oxygen for about seven hours on Wednesday. Amalatas Institute of Medical Sciences is a private hospital designated by the state government as a COVID-19 care center. Four people died due to a lack of oxygen here. The government has acknowledged the problem of oxygen supply but has also insisted that the deaths had nothing to do with that issue.

Chief Medical Officer (Dewas) Dr. MP Sharma has said that we did an investigation. They (Amaltas Hospital) have 400 cylinders and they use around 200 on a daily basis. But on Tuesday night, there was some problem in loading the vehicle in Bhopal (which is about 160 km away) due to which the crisis arose. Deaths are not related to an oxygen supply.

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