Girl Proposes to Boy in Lahore University. Both Expelled after video goes Viral!

Lahore, 14/3: A top University in Lahore is attracting undue attraction after it expells a boy and a girl proposed each other and hugged. A video of the girl proposing to the boy has gone viral.

On Thursday, a video of a girl proposing to a boy went viral. The clip shows a girl bent on her knee on the ground, holding a rose bouquet and proposing to a boy. The boy then takes the flowers and pulls the girl for a hug. Nearby, students cheer them along.

The video garnered a lot of attention online, and after some time, the university also noticed.


A special disciplinary committee of the university held a meeting on Friday and called the students to discuss the incident, according to PTI. The University expelled them after they failed to appear before the committee.



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