Goats and Fruits found Coronapositive in Tanzania

In the African country of Tanzania, President John Magufuli has ordered an inspection of kits used for corona tests. Notably, on Sunday in Tanzania, a goat and a fruit were found to be Corona positives, President John Magufuli ordered an investigation into the test kits used there. The test kit from abroad was taken with a sample of goats and pawpaw fruit and human names and ages. It was then sent to a Tanzanian laboratory for testing. Later, his report came out positive, and the president called for an investigation into the killings. The president said the report was “highly contagious” and needed to be investigated. Earlier in the day, President Maghfulli was accused of hiding the number of people living with coronavirus in Tanzania. He even told his countrymen to pray that Carona would not come near them. As of Sunday, 480 coronavirus cases had been reported in Tanzania, of which 17 had died. The president also said he had sent a plane to Madagascar that would provide herbal medicine for the treatment of the coronavirus. However, the drug has not been shown to improve COVID-19  disease. Currently, there are fewer cases of coronavirus infection in African countries than in the United States and Europe.

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