Hope crushed, Coronavirus drugs failed in clinical trial

The anti-viral drug used as a trial to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, which is spreading rapidly around the world, has given a big shock to the hope of doctors. It is said that the anti-viral drug has failed in a random clinical trial. The name of this antiviral drug is Remedisvier, which was being tested by patients of the Coronavirus in China.

According to information received from the World Health Organization documents, 237 patients were given the remedies drug to eliminate the coronavirus infection, while some were given Plesbee. A month later, when the patients were screened, 13.9% of the patients who took the drug relapsed died while 12.8% of the patients taking placebo died. In view of the death of patients, now the doctors have stopped the trial of this drug completely.

Scientists and doctors around the world had high hopes for the remedies drug. It is said that the health of the patients who took the remedies drug deteriorated rapidly and the ability to fight the virus could not develop in the patient. It is said that the WHO had published this report in detail before but later the entire report was removed.

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