Humpback Dolphins spotted in Mumbai, Netizens express their happiness

The humpback dolphins at risk of extinction. We must do our best to save them. 

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Mumbai, 22/2: On Sunday Mumbai witnessed the Humpback Dolphins between Alubaug and Gateway of India. A number of Dolphins spotted playing around a boat coming back to the city.

“I know people who have been seeing them (dolphins) for 20-25 years now,” Shaunak Modi Co-founder of Coastal Conservation Foundation, Mumbai told the “These are Indian Ocean humpback dolphins. They are coastal species, which means they live in nearshore waters and we have been seeing them every single day for a few years now,” he added.

Refuting claims that the lockdown imposed during the pandemic helped lower water pollution levels resulting in the increased sighting of the dolphins, he said, “These animals live in Mumbai waters. It’s not like some rare sighting or they have come from somewhere. These are rested dolphins. This is the habitat that they live in. It has no connection to pollution or lockdown.”Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Netizens were happy seeing this and shared their happiness on social media. Have a look at a few posts:

There are around 40 species of dolphins worldwide, the largest and heaviest of which are the orcas weighing 11 tons and over 30 feet long. The smallest weighs 50 kg and is just over five-and-a-half feet long.

The humpback dolphins at risk of extinction but do we care about them? No, we don’t. We should try our best to save them.

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