Ivanka Trump’s personal helper found Corona positive

The Coronavirus attack in America has not left the White House. The personal helper of President Donald Trump’s daughter has been found to be Corona positive. According to the foreign newspaper, Ivanka Trump’s personal helper was not around for the last two weeks. There was only a telephone conversation between the two.

Ivanka Trump’s personal helper Corona positive
It has been reported in the news that no symptoms of the corona were revealed in Ivanka’s personal helper. Taking positive measures after being found positive in the investigation, he imprisoned himself at home. With this, the number of White House staff coming under Coronavirus has increased to 3. It has also been told in the report that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner had come to the Corona investigation negative in the past. Let me tell you that Ivanka works as a special aide to the American President.

Corona victims number three in White House

On Friday, Donald Trump said that the vice-president’s press secretary Katey Miller was found to be Corona positive. Donald Trump praised him and read ballads in his honor. Earlier on Thursday also, a servant of Trump was found to be Corona virus-positive. After which Trump announced his own coronavirus test every day. According to a senior official, after the Corona positive exposure in Miller, contact tracing has been arranged inside the White House. Let us know that Vice President Mike Pence is heading the Corona Virus Task Force set up by the White House.

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