Liquor Shops to open in New Delhi

New Delhi,3/5: More than 450 liquor shops are expected to open in the capital Delhi on Monday in areas not covered by the coronavirus contamination zone. The liquor stores to be opened have been reported to be special There were 450 such shops in the national capital, which have been closed since March 22

According to the Delhi Excise Department, there are 545 liquor shops in the national capital, including malls and content zones. The Delhi government on Saturday asked for a list of specialty liquor shops in the capital after the Centre’s permission to open special liquor shops as per the conditions. Later, the Delhi Excise Department on Saturday compiled a list of L-6 (Indian liquor retailers in the public sector) and L-8 (public liquor retailers in the public sector) shops that meet the standards of the Home Ministry. The 750 liquor stores will be reopened on Monday

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